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Water damage can occur in a variety of ways and could affect any business or homeowner, no matter how prepared or careful they may be. When water damage occurs, response time is critical. Dependable Remediation Services (DRS) is there for you with 24/7 emergency mitigation services to ensure that water is extracted and the structure is properly dried as quickly as possible. We also work with your insurance company to ensure a smooth quick claim process to restore your home.

For all of your water restoration and repair needs call DRS in Augusta GA 24/7 at 706-361-0554

Sources of water damage:

  1. Broken plumbing pipe
  2. Leaking plumbing pipe
  3. Toilet overflow
  4. Water heater
  5. Regional flooding
  6. Weather related incident
  7. Roof leak
  8. Appliance failure


Tips to help during a water damage:

  • Mop up excess water prior to arrival of technician.
  • Remove mats and rugs from floors and hang to dry.
  • Block furniture legs to prevent contact with any carpet.
  • Run air conditioner during warm months.
  • Gather personal belongings and move to unaffected area.