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Mold growth can develop in a little as 48-72 hours given the right conditions such as damp and dark conditions and can cause a variety of health issues such as chronic sinus problems, allergic reactions, and asthma attacks just to name a few.

The best way to prevent mold growth is to keep materials dry, and if they get wet, the goal is to dry them as quickly as possible. Our team of professionals are trained and certified in mold remediation procedures to ensure that mold spores and affected materials are removed safely, effectively and quickly.

We can also perform a mold assessment to determine the presence of mold growth or conditions conducive to mold growth through visual assessment and any necessary sampling. At a minimum two air samples should be taken. One sample is taken outdoors to determine a baseline of spore counts and spore types. The other sample is taken in an open area of the home to determine the spore counts and spore types inside the home.

The expectation is for the spore types inside the home to be similar to that found outside but at lower concentrations. If mold is visible, a tape sample or swab sample can be utilized to determine the genus and species of the mold that is growing. The air samples provide a broad overview of the fungal ecology of the home and provide guidance on where to proceed afterwards. We provide this service following the standard of practice set forth by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAQ2).

Steps of mold remediation:

  1. Make contact – Contacting the restoration company is the first step in the restoration of your property and personal items. Our team will ask questions to determine the equipment and resources necessary to handle your situation.
  2. Inspection – Our team will begin by performing a visual inspection to identify the moisture source and make sure that it has been corrected.
  3. Containment – Once the containment area has been determined our team will set up containment barriers and establish negative air to prevent cross contamination.
  4. Source removal – All contaminated building materials will then be removed and all surfaces cleaned prior to clearance by an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP).
  5. Restoration – All items removed will be restored to their pre-damaged condition.