Water Damage Repair Services | Dependable Remediation Services Augusta GA Water Leaks – We inspect for a source of the leak be it roof tiles or flashing, windows, in-wall plumbing, etc and provide a timely estimate for proper repairs.  Water leaks are the primary cause of mold as well as attracting insects such as carpenter ants and termites.


Mold – We perform a mold assessment to determine the presence of mold growth or conditions conducive to mold growth through visual assessment and any necessary sampling. At a minimum two air samples should be taken. One sample is taken outdoors to determine a baseline of spore counts and spore types. The other sample is taken in an open area of the home to determine the spore counts and spore types inside the home.

The expectation is for the spore types inside the home to be similar to that found outside but at lower concentrations. If mold is visible a tape sample or swab sample can be utilized to determine the genus and species of the mold that is growing. The air samples provide a broad overview of the fungal ecology of the home and provide guidance on where to proceed afterwards. We provide this service following the standard of practice set forth by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAQ2).


Mold Damage Repair Services | Dependable Remediation Services Augusta GA Fire and Smoke Damage – If your property suffers damage from fire and smoke we can help restore your property back to conditions prior to the disaster. We can assist with board ups, have a team to pack out personal belongings, restore property damaged by fire and smoke, and remove odors associated with fire and smoke damage.


Storm Damage – We can restore your property from all that mother nature has to offer. We can assist with wind and tornado damage, flooding, hail damage, ice and snowstorms, and earthquake damage.


Hoarder Property and Gross Filth – We can assist in clean up of gross filth properties and hoarder properties and restore to livable conditions.


Odor Control – If you have an odor in a home, office, or vehicle that you cannot get rid of give us a call. Whether it be from pet urine, smoking, gross filth, etc. we an help. We employ multiple options to remove the source and neutralize odors.


Crawlspace Encapsulation Services | Dependable Remediation Services Augusta GA Crawlspace Encapsulation
– Is your crawlspace damp? Does your duct work sweat? Do you have mold growing on your floor joists and sub floor? Poor drainage and high humidity can lead to these problems and can cause structural damage to the home and can cause health problems for the resident. We can assist with correcting drainage problems, installing sump pumps, wall and floor liners, and dehumidifiers to keep the crawlspace dry to prevent duct condensation, mold problems, and indoor air quality issues.


Trauma Scene Decontamination – No one should have to deal with the traumatic events that would require our trauma scene decontamination services, but if you do, we are here to help you on the road to recovery.  We specialize in decontamination after homicides, suicides, work place accidents, motor vehicle accidents, etc.