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All crawl spaces are characterized by being a low space under a floor structure. Most people would add to that definition that crawl spaces are dirty, damp, smelly, moldy, pest and rodent infested environments because of the vented design used in common construction.

Encapsulated crawl spaces are still a low space under a floor structure, however they are designed to block and eliminate excess moisture, reduce odor, conserve energy, exist as a clean environment, and limit pest infestations. They take advantage of modern building science practices.

Since crawl spaces are part of the homes they are under, the conditions in the crawl space dramatically affect the conditions found in the conditioned area of the home.

Our crawl space encapsulation specialists understand water, energy conservation, building construction and engineering controls and how to manage each of these to install a crawl space encapsulation system that provides a cleaner, safer, drier and more energy efficient building.

We use a 12 mil virgin poly liner on the walls, piers, and floor of the crawl space to reduce moisture intrusion from the soil and environment surrounding the crawl space. All joints are overlapped by a minimum and 12” and all seams are sealed with tape to prevent moisture from finding a path into the crawlspace. The top of the liner is white to reflect the light provided by any crawl space lights.

Excess moisture that collects underneath the liner can be removed through the installation of a sump pump.

In many cases the subfloor insulation is in poor condition. We often find fiberglass batt insulation has fallen from poor installation or from moisture saturation causing the insulation to become heavy. In cases where we remove the existing insulation we can relocate the thermal boundary of the crawl space. For instance, instead of installing fiberglass batt insulation underneath the floor we can install spray foam or foam board on the foundation walls. These types of insulation create a cleaner environment in the crawl space and allow better control of temperatures which reduces energy consumption.

We install the best dehumidification systems and floor liner to provide:

  • Better indoor air quality in the home
  • energy savings
  • property protection
  • comfort