Life has a way of shocking you with unexpected challenges. One of the most traumatic life shocks is to be displaced from your home.  Well as life would have it that’s what happened to my parents August 8, 2016.  My father had just returned home from the hospital recovering from a stroke and black mold was detected in the home.

During such a traumatic time my parents were forced to evacuate their home until the mold could be remediated. In a search for a dependable (no pun intended) mold remediation company we were led to Dependable Remediation Services. I was greeted by owner Kevin Burnley and that’s where “Customer Service and Beyond” started. Kevin immediately set an appointment, came to the home, met with my mother, quickly assessed the situation and set a plan to restore the home.  This is where the testimony gets even better.  I work out of state and I was dealing with Kevin via phone as I attempted to support my parents.

The “Customer Service and Beyond” came to light because during this journey, I many times felt as though Kevin had been sent as an Angel from above.  Not only did Kevin take my every call but he patiently answered my emails, met with my parents and made sure the quality of the work was done to superior standards.  This was an extensive job and it took approximately a month and half but Kevin was there the entire way. My parents were able to move back into their home and the joy in their voices said it all.  Dependable Remediation Services not only remediated the mold but they remediated the extensive stress of my parents being displaced by providing “Customer Service s and Beyond”.

No matter how tough the job, no matter how many calls or questions, no matter how many contacts with the insurance company, Dependable Remediation Services will be there to deliver “Customer Service and Beyond”.

Thanks Kevin Burnley and Daniel Ansley for being Dependable.